When you have inspiration and represent inspiration / the observer makes the picture.
Agnes Martin

What I consider most real is the intuitive, which I define as an intelligence that reacts positively to what is necessary in a situation and negatively to what is not.  My goal is to show the reality of this intelligence.  I’m interested in it not as a peripheral tool or unknowable guide, but as a tangible thing.  When I pay close attention to how it responds as I work, the picture in many ways becomes a portrait of it.

Intuitive responses are physical, and I feel the subjects in these pictures reflect the body’s conflicting qualities.  The subjects are autonomous but permeable.  Since they continually absorb, create, and destroy parts of the environment and parts of themselves, they are always changing.

If the work is successful, the audience becomes a new conduit to seeing how a strange and unplanned thing can also be necessary, even essential.  Seeing then becomes a hopeful act that puts the viewer on the same level as the artist.


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